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    Summer Programs

    Summer Camp
    Our 8 week camp is for all students on the
    spectrum from diagnosis through high school
    age. We limit enrollment to 10 students per
    week to ensure maximum participation. Camp
    activities include games, sports, arts & crafts,
    sensory motor activities, aquatic therapy and
    field trips. All activities will encourage socialization, communication and life skills.  Camp FAQ's Siblings Camp
    Our Siblings Camp is a week long experience for siblings to socialize, express their feelings, and connect with
    other siblings. Activities include games, arts & crafts, role playing, journaling, stress management, and field trips.
    Sessions are 1/2 day and students are divided by age to allow participants to further discuss age appropriate
    topics and develop friendships.  For more details click here and review Summer programs schedule.

    Aquatic Therapy
    With the addition of our new pool we are able to offer individual, dyad, and small group Aquatic Therapy lessons .
    Aquatic Therapy is a wonderful way to encourage motor skills development, sensory skills and socialization for our
    students.  We will follow the Red Cross curriculum which moves through levels based on skill mastery. Water skills
    such as  putting your face in the water, blowing bubbles, floating, treading water, and the freestyle stroke are but a
    few of the skills to master. Life skills such as putting on a bathing suit and applying sunscreen will also be
    incorporated into the lessons.

    The vast majority of our students will work in individual sessions but some will be able to do dyads and small
    groups (3 students only). Small group students must possess the ability to attend to group instruction, learn from
    others and work cooperatively with one another.

    Sessions Length and Cost:
    Individual sessions: 30 minutes at $45 per session
    Dyads: 45 minutes at $40 per session
    Small groups: 1 hour at $35 per session
    All Autism Waiver students must work in 1 hour sessions. You still must let me know you are interested.
My son finally made a  friend!
He met someone who is just
like him and they both are
really enjoying learning how to
play together from each other.