Gordy, a nonverbal teenager with Autism, wrote the
most profound letter about being autistic

    'Autism in love': Dating and
    Courtship on the spectrum

    What should you know about dating
    someone on the autism spectrum? This is
    one of the many questions Matt Fuller’s
    new documentary, Autism in Love, seeks
    to uncover about how people with the
    disorder pursue and manage romantic relationships. Finding love can be hard enough for anyone—but it can be
    even more challenging when things like communication and social interaction, core characteristics of a successful
    relationship, are compromised. In these interviews, we meet Dave and Lindsey, who share their experiences flirting
    and falling in love.

    Christopher Duffley describes himself as "a 12 year old musician/singer
    who happens to be blind and autistic."

    Christopher sang the national anthem in front of all of Fenway Park before
    Monday's Boston Red Sox-Cleveland Indians game, and, well, he absolutely killed it.

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    Meet Donald Gray Triplett, 77, of Forest, Mississippi. He was the first person ever diagnosed with autism. And his
    long, happy, surprising life may hold some answers. 2/10/2014


    68 Things to know about children with Autism
                           Toilet training dilemma: Our 6-year-old fights going near the bathroom
                                       I’m trying to toilet train our 6-year-old, who has autism. But every time I try to take her to the
                                 bathroom, she fusses and fights all the way. So far, I’ve just given up. Help!

    More Children with autism are going to college than before

    Billy Joel praises 6-year-old Ethan Walmark
    playing ‘Piano Man’ (UPDATED)

    Life time costs for autism $2 million       

   23-year-old overcomes autism diagnosis to try out for Olympic swimming
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