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    One-to-one Therapy
    One to One Therapy: These services focus on the whole student with an emphasis on communication,
    daily living skills, behavior and sensory skills. Students in this program work from their IEPs. Therapy
    sessions may occur in the students home, our therapy center or our in the community.

    School/Daycare Observations and Evaluations
    School or daycare observations are conducted to check for generalization of skills or to gain a deeper
    understanding of additional skills needing to be taught. These observations are typically done for students
    who are accessing other services at The Autism Project. Observations can also be conducted to ensure an
    appropriate school placement. When arranging for this service, it is the responsibility of the requesting
    family to contact the school or agency and sign a waiver for release of information so that we can observe
    the student and review pertinent records.