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    Social Skills Groups
    The groups are designed for students who are ready for group instruction. Our groups are
    arranged by age and social skill ability (not academics). Groups are offered year round with
    summer being an option. Many of our students have grown up with their group members
    becoming almost like a second a family to one another. We have social skill groups for all
    ages and abilities starting in Kindergarten.

    Our groups utilize an activity based format with an emphasis on recreation and leisure skills,
    pragmatic language, teamwork and social skills. The purpose of our groups is to provide students with opportunities to engage
    in age appropriate activities with their peers in order to enhance their social skills. Social outings occur monthly with all groups.

    Recreation and Leisure Development  (RLD) Groups
    RLD Groups are run in a TEACH style format utilizing visual schedules to focus on broadening the students' recreational base.
    Students in these groups learn social skills such as peer toleration, waiting, following directions, making requests, using items
    functionally and maintaining safe behavior. The students participate in making snacks, neighborhood walks, art, games,
    puzzles, exercise activities and functional academic tasks.  Monthly outings will occur at the teachers' discretion. Due to the
    need for additional adult support these groups are small and maintain very structured schedules.

    Monthly Socials
    Monthly socials are designed to provide additional age appropriate activities for our students to practice and apply their social
    skills. Socials occur on days when public schools are closed. Socials may be used to supplement current activities or to
    introduce something new. The socials provide a lot of therapeutic value inside a whole bunch of fun. We have done socials on
    the following themes in the past: legos, pancakes, camping, Earth Day, Halloween, baking, science and games. Socials are
    arranged by age only so that our students are able to mingle with other students of varying abilities at TAP.

    Half Day Therapeutic Play Program
    The Therapeutic Play Program (TPP) is a 1/2 day program
    designed for children ages 2 to 6 that are displaying
    characteristics of Autism.  
    This program will focus on the core deficits of autism so that each
    child may improve upon their communication, social interaction,
    self-regulation and behavior. The children participate in predetermined structured activities that are based on the goals defined
    in their treatment plans. Pragmatic language, social skills, motor development, self care skills, sensory regulation and play skills
    are emphasized throughout each 2 1/2 hour session.  
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" My son has been
greatly Impacted by his
involvement with TAP.   
After only participating
for a few months, he is
always eager to go and  
interact with kids his
own  age who are also
learning valuable life
lessons, like being able
to order at a restaurant."