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    As part of the ongoing services, The Autism Project will provide curriculum preparation and upkeep,
    workshops with therapists working with the family, and will loan teaching materials as needed. It will be
    the responsibility of the family to locate and hire needed therapists. The Autism Project will collaborate
    with the hired therapists and conduct regular meetings to update progress and plan new treatment
    goals. These consultations are scheduled every 8 weeks but can be done more frequently if desired.

    IEP Services
    These services include our participation in IEP development, assisting with modification and
    accommodations identified in the IEP, and attending IEP meetings or researching school placements.

    Family Training
    These highly individualized services are designed for family members and caretakers of individuals on
    the Autism Spectrum. Basic behavior principles, strategies for enhancing communication, sensory
    integration techniques and visual systems are some of the areas covered. Family training sessions may
    be done individually or in a group format. Services can be provided in the students home.

    Parent Support Groups
    The parent socials are a new addition to our program. We give parents the opportunity to gather
    together to offer support and guidance to one another while we provide respite for their children at our
    center. The respite time will be filled with structured social activities to further enhance development.

    Sibling Support Groups
    Siblings of students are invited to attend socials that are arranged once a month. These meetings focus
    on providing a place for siblings to connect with each other through shared life experiences. This is a
    place they can freely express both the joys and the frustrations they experience with a family member
    with autism on a daily basis. We also offer a siblings camp for one week in the summer.
Note To Parents
We consider the families of our students to be our
greatest assets because they are the ones who know
their child the best. We hold your opinion in high
regard.  Please feel free to educate us about your child
the more we know, the more we are able to help