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    Last Update 6/15/2017
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Hey everyone! Just a heads up that we have Autism merchandise on sale at by the front door in the main house. We have coffee mugs, key
chains, pins, bumper stickers, stickers, scarves, blankets, pillows,T-shirts, Polos and sweat shirts. All prices are listed on the items. There
is also a blue box on the top shelf for you to leave payments for items purchased. If you have a specific interest in something that is not
there or need s certain sized item please just ask.
Thank you all for supporting TAP!

Director, TAP
Hi everyone! Just a couple of pieces of information to pass along about summer:

1. We will be
starting summer camp for some students next week. If you are uncertain what weeks you are registered for let me know.
Reminder that camp payments are due at drop off (not pick up) on the first day of camp.

Summer group schedules also start next week so be prepared with the new day and time.

T-shirts are being finished this week and will either be passed out later this week or at camp. The shirts were designed by Abby Foltz a
member of the Grizzly Bears group. The shirts had to be printed on a light color (gray) and with a special texture shirt so that they design would not
need to be altered.
The cost for the shirts will be $22 per shirt. Payment can be made by writing a separate check marked "camp
T-shirt" or in cash (exact change only)
. I know the cost is more than usual but I am hoping you all will find it worth it. The printers and many of
their customers have been talking about the shirt. They said it is the coolest t-shirt design they have ever seen. We are all very proud of Abby!

4. Our pool has been switched to salt water this year. It just passed inspection yesterday so it is ready to go for the summer. There is nothing new
that needs to be done with the switch away from chlorine.
Reminder to make sure bathing suits are laundered before each use in our pool.

Please let me know if there are questions or concerns. Thank you!

Director, TAP