Independent Living Home:

    Our mission is to improve the quality of life for adults with autism spectrum disorders by providing safe, affordable
    housing in a supportive environment that will allow participants to fully participate in all aspects of adult life.  The
    Independent Living homes will accomplish this through counseling, modeling, teaching and supporting residents in the
    following areas:

    ·    Social Skills

    ·    Recreation & Leisure

    ·    Education

    ·    Health & Personal Care

    ·    Vocational Skills

    ·    Daily Living & Money Management Skills

    ·    Executive Function

    Social Skill Groups - Structured, weekly meetings focus on communication, teamwork, cooking, recreational activities
    and community outings. Students in these groups help plan and organize group meetings and outings by compromising
    on choices, being flexible and trying new activities. These groups begin at 18 and continue through adulthood.

    Monthly Socials - Monthly outings are organized for young adults with autism to go out into the community for dinners,
    movies, recreational activities and sporting events. Chaperons are not provided for this activity so individuals must be
    independent and able to function within a group on their own.

                                                                 From Angel:

                                                                 Hi everyone! Just getting a lot of inquiries about adult services
                                                                 lately. I know we have many students in high school and some
                                                                 out of school now that are quite curious about our adult
                                                                 independent living homes. Yes I said homes. We now have
                                                                 another property that we are planning to turn into another
                                                                 home for our young adults. I field questions all the time.
People constantly ask me how the Primo House is run and how the guys are doing (BTW, they are all doing great!).
    I would be happy to coordinate a meeting with any interested parents to discuss the future and what our homes may be
    able to offer your child. If there is an interest at all please let me know so that I can coordinate a meeting time and
    place. Thanks and take care!